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Your loved ones deserve the best care, in their own home

At Angels at home LTD UK, we understand the importance of providing high-quality home care services that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our team of experienced and compassionate caregivers are dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities. We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual, including:


Personal Care

Assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Our caregivers are trained to provide respectful and dignified care, while helping our clients maintain their independence.

Dementia Care

Specialized care for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our caregivers are trained to provide care that is specifically tailored to the needs of individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, which can help to improve their overall quality of life.

Respite Care

Temporary care to provide a break for family caregivers. Our caregivers are trained to provide temporary care for our clients, which can provide a much-needed break for family caregivers.

Companion Care

Assistance with activities such as conversation, reading, and outings. Our caregivers are trained to provide companionship and socialization, which can be especially beneficial for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Home Health Care

Assistance with medical tasks such as administering medication, monitoring vital signs, and wound care. Our caregivers are trained to provide medical care in the comfort of our clients’ own homes, and work closely with our clients’ primary care physicians to ensure continuity of care.

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Hospital Discharge & Rehabilitation Services

Physical, Nursing, occupational, speech & Language therapy. Our specialist qualified healthcare professionals are trained to provide rehabilitation services that can help our clients improve their mobility and overall health.

Quality of Care Guarantee

We guarantee that our caregivers will provide high-quality care and meet all industry standards and regulations.